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Services Provided

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Home Visits

We believe in providing services in our client's natural environments.  We provide home visits, which at times, involves going out into the community as well.  We feel this is the best way to work with the whole family, including siblings.


Tanya is licensed in California, Washington and Massachusetts, and provides teletherapy in those states.  Tanya can remotely access client speech generating devices in order to model during sessions as well as program remotely.  Sessions run similarly to sessions that take place in person.

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Consultation, Coaching and Training

I believe it is important to work with a client's entire communication circle, which includes family members as well as peers, school team, day program and respite caregivers.  Consultation includes meeting with all stakeholders, as well as coaching communication partners with the child present, and may include groups with neighborhood peers.

AAC assessment

AAC assessments take place over several sessions and include family members, in order to ensure that the multiple communication systems are trialed in order to determine which best meets the client's needs. We aid in acquisition of trial devices when needed, and we assist with all funding paperwork.

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Independent Educational Evaluations

I provide Independent Educational Evaluations in the area of AAC.  IEEs include interviews with family and school staff, observation of the student in natural environments, evaluation trialing various AAC systems and attendance at the IEP meeting.

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